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Are you a photographer or cinematographer in Idaho? Join us in sharing Idaho's beauty and creativity with the world!

By registering with Idaho Photo & Video you'll immediately be able to start sharing your art on the website. You will join other photo and video enthusiasts from around the state who are sharing the photos and videos they create, and even generating some publicity while they're at it. We make it easy to sign up, by just entering your username and email, but if you don't want to have yet another account on yet another website, simply click the Facebook Connect button. 

Membership Benefits 
Once you're a member, you can start sharing your photos and videos instantly. Want to generate more publicity for your content? Click on one of the social media buttons below your post to share it with that service. While we welcome anyone with photos and videos taken in Idaho to post their creations, we also have tools for professionals, or those who are seeking work in their field to list their business names and contact information right here on the website, making for very effective advertising. People who are interested in Idaho's photographers and videographers will be able to see your work and get in touch with you immediately!

Get a Business Listing 
A photo or video business listing is very affordable, and in many cases absolutely free! Paid listings are just $29.95 for six months. For this low price you get to post your business, website and contact information in the Idaho Photo & Video business listing, and get immediate exposure of your information to your exact audience--people who are interested in photography and video in our state. Even better, you can get your business listed free by simply posting up five pieces of content. Each post you make gets you one point, and once you earn five points in a month, you can list your business at no cost! 

Privacy, Terms & Conditions 
Idaho Photo & Video is committed to keeping you safe and protecting your copyrighted content. We will never give or sell your personal information, including name, phone number, email address, or other information to anyone. However, we are not responsible for any personal information you may share publicly on the website, for example in your business listing. No website can guarantee the complete safety of copyrighted content. There are ways around every kind of copyright protection we could provide, so you assume a certain risk that your content may be misused, regardless of where it is posted on the internet. We do ask that users of our website respect all copyright laws and do not violate the copyright of any materials posted here or elsewhere. if you don't own it, don't post it! 

In order to make theft a less-attractive option, we only allow photos of a certain resolution to be posted, and we resize those that do not fit the specified resolution. Since most photos are printed at 300dpi, and web display is at 72dpi, printing a photo from the website would result in either a very low-quality or very small image. Additionally we watermark each medium and large-size image displayed on the website with "IdahoPhotoVideo.com" as well as providing you a way to add your own copyright text to the image.  For video content, we only allow video to be embedded from YouTube or Vimeo. All of your video protections from those websites remain intact. We are constantly looking for new ways to protect your content more thoroughly, and we will immediately implement anything we believe will protect your copyrighted content better. 

Neither Idaho Photo & Video, nor its owners or operators make any claim to your copyrighted works. By posting your work to this website you agree to share it with us and our audience, however you are free to revoke that permission at any time by deleting any content you have added that you no longer wish to share. 

Do not post any material you do not own. Any content that is found to be posted without the express consent of the copyright owner will be removed immediately, and the accountholder will be notified via email. Repeat offenses will be met by immediate deletion of the content and suspension or termination of the offending account. Do not post any adult-oriented or illegal content. We understand your creativity as well as the art and beauty of the human form, but uncovered breasts, genitals, or other similarly objectionable content are not allowed on this website. Any content that is found to be in violation of this will be summarily removed, and a warning will be issued to the accountholder via email. Repeat offenses will be met with suspension or termination of the offending account, as well as any appropriate legal action. Do not spam. If you have a thousand photos to submit, by all means, please do so! However, do not post the same image or video multiple times. Keep advertising in your regular posts to a minimum. 

You may state your website or company name in your posts, but save advertisements for the business listings page. It can be free! (see details above) You may post the cameras or equipment you used to take a photo or video and include links to where people can purchase that equipment or see more information about it. However, any such links must be applicable to the media you posted. Links or advertisements for merchandise unrelated to your photograph or video will be deleted as spam. Any account associated with spam may be warned, suspended or terminated at the discretion of Idaho Photo & Video, it's owners and operators.

Full Disclosure
IdahoPhotoVideo.com, PicturesofIdaho.com, VideosofIdaho.com and VideoIdaho.com are properties of 29k Productions, LLC a photo and video company based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  We love our state, but noticed that many local photographers and videographers have difficulty showcasing their work.  Even worse, there are many websites out there that list photographers and videographers and serve solely as link farms which end up hurting search results rather than helping and they offer no opportunities for showcasing work.  This project is meant to help local Idaho artists get their name out there and their work out there, no matter their ability to have a professional website or other place to show what they do.  Additionally, by offering both free and paid options for business listings, we give opportunities to people whether they are new to photo and video work and want to get their name out there or are seasoned professionals looking for additional advertising.  

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